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You can use the form below to generate a mail link conforming to the above structure. If you don't use the form, note that the plus sign after the username “amc” must be present, and the plus sign before the “@” should be present. For the tag between the plus signs, choose a sequence of letters and/or digits (and more plus signs, if you like) that is unlikely to be chosen by anyone else.

To obtain a mail link, enter my username (amc) in the form below. You may leave the tag empty, and a random tag will be chosen for you.

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By having a virtually infinite number of addresses rather than just one, I can disable individual addresses that become targets of spam without having to notify everyone that my address has changed.


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+1 510 915 4380


3225 126TH AVE NE
BELLEVUE WA 98005-1379

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