Adam M. Costello

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Song Collection

Here is a list of the songs that I keep on my computers and phone (or wish to acquire for that purpose). Songs marked with “-” are not in my main playlist. Other songs are rated with up to four stars (“★” for songs I own, “☆” for songs I want). Songs with less than two stars are typically new and awaiting further evaluation; they'll either earn two stars or get moved out of the main playlist.

- [clip] Chiquitita
★★ [clip] Dancing Queen
★★ [clip] Does Your Mother Know
- [clip] Fernando
★★ [clip] Knowing Me Knowing You
★★ [clip] Lay All Your Love on Me
★★ [clip] Mamma Mia
- [clip] Money Money Money
★★ [clip] S.O.S.
★★ [clip] Super Trouper
★★★★ [clip] Take a Chance on Me
★★ [clip] The Name of the Game
★★ [clip] The Winner Takes It All
★★ [clip] Waterloo
Ace of Base
★★ [clip] All That She Wants
- [clip] Don't Turn Around
★★★★ [clip] The Sign
Adam Ant
★★★★ [clip] Goody Two Shoes
Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen
☆☆ [clip] Mission Impossible
Adam Sandler
★★ [clip] Chanukah Song
★★ [clip] Lunchlady Land
The Ad Libs
★★ [clip] The Boy From New York City
★★ [clip] Amazing
- [clip] Angel
★★ [clip] Crazy
★★ [clip] Cryin'
★★★ [clip] Dream On
★★ [clip] Dude Looks Like a Lady
- [clip] Janie's Got a Gun
★★ [clip] Livin' on the Edge
★★★ [clip] Love in an Elevator
★★ [clip] Rag Doll
- [clip] Same Old Song and Dance
★★★ [clip] Sweet Emotion
★★★★ [clip] Walk This Way
★★★★ [clip] What It Takes
★★ [clip] Take On Me
= Aikawa Nanase
★★ [clip] バイバイ。
= bye-bye
= baibai
[clip] BREAK OUT!
★★ [clip] BUB
★★ [clip] CAT on the Street
★★★ [clip] China Rose
☆☆ [clip] COSMIC LOVE
★★ [clip] dandelion
[clip] Dearest:my friend
[clip] 〜Forever〜
= -Forever-
★★ [clip] GLORY DAYS
★★ [clip] Heat of the night
★★ [clip] 彼女と私の事情
= kanojo to watashi no jijou
= her and my circumstances
★★ [clip] 恋心
= koigokoro
= awakening of love
★★ [clip] こんなに愛しても
= konnani ai shite mo
= love even like this
★★★ [clip] midnight blue
★★ [clip] NO FUTURE
★★ [clip] Nostalgia
★★ [clip] 世界わこの手の中に
= sekai wa kono te no naka ni
= the world in my hand
★★★ [clip] Sweet Emotion
★★ [clip] 天使のように踊らせて
= tenshi no you ni odorasete
= ?dance? like an angel
★★ [clip] trust me
★★ [clip] White Song
★★ [clip] 夢見る少女じゃいられない
= yumemiru shoujo ja irarenai
= cannot be a dreaming little girl
Alanis Morissette
★★ [clip] All I Really Want
★★ [clip] Hand in My Pocket
★★ [clip] Head Over Feet
★★ [clip] Ironic
★★ [clip] Uninvited
★★ [clip] You Learn
★★ [clip] You Oughta Know
= Amuro Namie
[clip] ALARM
[clip] ALL FOR YOU
★★ [clip] a walk in the park
★★ [clip] Body Feels EXIT
★★ [clip] B w/z you
- [clip] Chase the Chance (ORIGINAL MIX)
[clip] Chase the Chance (CC Mix)
★★ [clip] Don't wanna cry (Radio Edit)
- [clip] Don't wanna cry (Eighteen's Summer Mix)
- [clip] Dreaming I was dreaming
- [clip] GET MY SHININ'
★★ [clip] GIRL TALK
- [clip] GO! GO! 〜夢の速さで〜
= GO! GO! -yume no hayasa de-
= GO! GO! -with the speed of a dream-
- [clip] ハートに火をつけて
= heart ni hi o tsukete
= haato ni hi o tsukete
= light a fire in my heart
★★ [clip] ハートに火をつけて (NEW ALBUM MIX)
= heart ni hi o tsukete (NEW ALBUM MIX)
= haato ni hi o tsukete (NEW ALBUM MIX)
= light a fire in my heart (NEW ALBUM MIX)
☆☆ [clip] ハートに火をつけて (NEW ALBUM MIX)
= heart ni hi o tsukete (NEW ALBUM MIX)
= haato ni hi o tsukete (NEW ALBUM MIX)
= light a fire in my heart (NEW ALBUM MIX)
★★ [clip] How to be a Girl
★★ [clip] NEVER END (Acappella)
- NEVER END (Chanpuru Mix)
★★ [clip] NEVER END (Original Mix)
- [clip] NEVER END (Radio Edit)
[clip] Queen of Hip-Pop
- [clip] レインボー・ムーン
= rainbow moon
= reinbou muun
[clip] Stop the music
★★★ [clip] SWEET 19 BLUES
- [clip] 太陽のSEASON
= taiyou no SEASON
= solar SEASON
[clip] toi et moi
[clip] WoWa
★★ [clip] You're my sunshine
安室奈美恵 with SUPER MONKEY'S
= Amuro Namie with SUPER MONKEY'S
= 安室奈美恵 with スーパー・モンキーズ
★★ [clip] 悲しきブロークン・ボーイ
= kanashiki broken boy
= kanashiki buroukun boui
= sorrowful broken boy
- [clip] MEMORIES〜明日のために〜
= MEMORIES -ashita no tame ni-
= MEMORIES -for the sake of tomorrow-
[clip] TRY ME〜私を信じて〜
= TRY ME -watashi o shinjite-
= TRY ME -have faith in me-
Amy Grant
★★ [clip] Baby Baby
- [clip] Every Heartbeat
- [clip] Good for Me
- [clip] That's What Love Is For
- [clip] 笑顔が見える場所〜I WANNA GO〜
= egao ga mieru basho -I WANNA GO-
= where I can see your smiling face -I WANNA GO-
Aretha Franklin
★★★★ [clip] Respect
★★ [clip] The House That Jack Built
★★★★ [clip] Think
Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra
★★ [clip] Sleigh Ride
The Art of Noise
★★ [clip] Dragnet
★★ [clip] Kiss
★★ [clip] Paranoimia
★★ [clip] Peter Gunn
The B-52's
★★ [clip] Love Shack
★★ [clip] Roam
Baha Men
★★ [clip] Who Let the Dogs Out
Band Aid
☆☆ [clip] Do They Know It's Christmas
★★ [clip] Be With You
- [clip] Eternal Flame
★★ [clip] Hazy Shade of Winter
★★ [clip] If She Knew What She Wants
★★ [clip] I'll Set You Free
★★ [clip] In Your Room
★★ [clip] Manic Monday
★★ [clip] Walking Down Your Street
★★ [clip] Walk Like an Egyptian
Barenaked Ladies
☆☆ [clip] One Week
★★ [clip] One Week (Remix)
The Beach Boys
★★ [clip] 409
★★★ [clip] Barbara Ann
★★ [clip] Be True to Your School
- [clip] California Dreamin'
★★★ [clip] California Girls
★★ [clip] Come Go With Me
- [clip] Dance Dance Dance
★★ [clip] Do It Again
- [clip] Don't Worry Baby
★★★ [clip] Fun Fun Fun
- [clip] God Only Knows
★★ [clip] Good Vibrations
★★★ [clip] Help Me, Rhonda
★★ [clip] Heroes and Villains
★★ [clip] I Get Around
- [clip] Little Saint Nick
★★ [clip] Rock and Roll Music
★★ [clip] Sloop John B.
★★ [clip] Surfer Girl
★★ [clip] Surfin' Safari
★★ [clip] Surfin' USA
- [clip] When I Grow Up To Be a Man
★★ [clip] Wouldn't It Be Nice
Beastie Boys
★★ [clip] Brass Monkey
★★ [clip] Fight for Your Right
★★★ [clip] Girls
★★ [clip] Hey Ladies
★★ [clip] High Plains Drifter
★★★ [clip] Hold It Now, Hit It
★★ [clip] Johny Ryall
★★ [clip] No Sleep Till Brooklyn
★★★ [clip] Paul Revere
★★ [clip] Posse in Effect
★★ [clip] Rhymin & Stealin
★★★ [clip] Shadrach
★★ [clip] Shake Your Rump
★★ [clip] She's Crafty
★★ [clip] Slow and Low
★★★ [clip] Slow Ride
- [clip] So Whatcha Want
★★★ [clip] The New Style
★★ [clip] The Sounds of Science
★★ [clip] Time To Get Ill
The Beatles
- [clip] Across the Universe
- [clip] Across the Universe (Wildlife version)
★★ [clip] A Day in the Life
★★ [clip] A Hard Day's Night
- [clip] All I've Got To Do
★★★ [clip] All My Loving
★★ [clip] All You Need Is Love
- [clip] And I Love Her
★★ [clip] Back in the U.S.S.R.
- [clip] Bad Boy
★★ [clip] Birthday
- [clip] Blackbird
★★ [clip] Can't Buy Me Love
★★★ [clip] Carry That Weight / The End
★★ [clip] Come Together
★★ [clip] Day Tripper
- [clip] Don't Bother Me
★★ [clip] Don't Let Me Down
★★ [clip] Do You Want To Know a Secret
★★ [clip] Drive My Car
★★ [clip] Eight Days a Week
★★ [clip] Eleanor Rigby
★★ [clip] For No One
★★ [clip] For You Blue
★★ [clip] From Me to You
★★★ [clip] Get Back (album version)
★★★ [clip] Get Back (single version)
★★ [clip] Getting Better
★★ [clip] Girl
★★ [clip] Good Day Sunshine
- [clip] Got To Get You Into My Life
★★ [clip] Hello Goodbye
★★ [clip] Help
- [clip] Helter Skelter
- [clip] Here Comes the Sun
★★ [clip] Hey Jude
★★ [clip] I Am the Walrus
★★ [clip] I Call Your Name
★★ [clip] I Feel Fine
- [clip] I'll Follow the Sun
- [clip] I'll Get You
- [clip] I'm Down
- [clip] I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
★★ [clip] I'm Looking Through You
★★★ [clip] In My Life
★★★ [clip] I Saw Her Standing There
★★ [clip] I Should Have Known Better
- [clip] It Won't Be Long
★★ [clip] I've Just Seen a Face
- [clip] I Wanna Be Your Man
★★ [clip] I Want To Hold Your Hand
★★ [clip] I Want To Tell You
- [clip] Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand
★★ [clip] Lady Madonna
- [clip] Let It Be (album version)
★★ [clip] Let It Be (single version)
- [clip] Little Child
★★ [clip] Long Tall Sally
★★ [clip] Lovely Rita
★★ [clip] Love Me Do
- [clip] Love Me Do (1962)
★★ [clip] Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
★★ [clip] Magical Mystery Tour
★★ [clip] Matchbox
★★★ [clip] Maxwell's Silver Hammer
★★★ [clip] Mean Mr. Mustard / Polythene Pam / She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
- [clip] Michelle
★★ [clip] Misery
- [clip] Money
★★ [clip] Norwegian Wood
★★ [clip] Nowhere Man
★★ [clip] Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
- [clip] Octopus's Garden
★★ [clip] Oh! Darling
★★ [clip] Old Brown Shoe
★★ [clip] Paperback Writer
★★ [clip] Penny Lane
- [clip] Please Mister Postman
★★ [clip] Please Please Me
- [clip] P.S. I Love You
★★ [clip] Rain
★★★ [clip] Revolution
★★ [clip] Rock and Roll Music
★★ [clip] Roll Over Beethoven
★★★ [clip] Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
- [clip] Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
★★ [clip] She Loves You
- [clip] She's a Woman
- [clip] Sie Liebt Dich
- [clip] Slow Down
★★★ [clip] Something
★★ [clip] Strawberry Fields Forever
- [clip] Tell Me Why
- [clip] Thank You Girl
★★ [clip] The Ballad of John and Yoko
- [clip] The Fool on the Hill
- [clip] The Inner Light
- [clip] The Long and Winding Road
- [clip] Think for Yourself
★★ [clip] This Boy
★★ [clip] Ticket To Ride
★★ [clip] Till There Was You
★★★ [clip] Twist and Shout
★★ [clip] We Can Work It Out
★★ [clip] What Goes On
★★★ [clip] When I'm Sixty-Four
- [clip] While My Guitar Gently Weeps
★★★ [clip] With a Little Help From My Friends
★★ [clip] Words of Love
★★ [clip] Yellow Submarine
★★ [clip] Yes It Is
★★ [clip] Yesterday
- [clip] You Can't Do That
- [clip] You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)
★★ [clip] You Never Give Me Your Money
★★ [clip] You Really Got a Hold on Me
★★ [clip] You're Going To Lose That Girl
- [clip] Your Mother Should Know
★★ [clip] You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
★★★ [clip] You Won't See Me
★★ [clip] Loser
Belinda Carlisle
- [clip] Heaven Is a Place on Earth
Betty Everett
★★★ [clip] It's in His Kiss
The Big Bopper
★★ [clip] Chantilly Lace
Bill Haley and the Comets
★★ [clip] (We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock
Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
- [clip] I've Had the Time of My Life
Billy Idol
★★ [clip] Cradle of Love
★★★★ [clip] Dancing With Myself
- [clip] Don't Need a Gun (Single Edit)
★★ [clip] Eyes Without a Face
★★ [clip] Flesh for Fantasy
★★★ [clip] Hot in the City
★★ [clip] Mony Mony
☆☆ [clip] Mony Mony (Live)
★★ [clip] Rebel Yell
- [clip] Sweet Sixteen
★★★ [clip] To Be a Lover
★★ [clip] White Wedding (Part 1)
Billy Joel
- [clip] 52nd Street
- [clip] Ain't No Crime
- [clip] All About Soul
★★ [clip] All About Soul (Remix)
★★ [clip] Allentown
- [clip] Allentown (Live)
★★ [clip] All for Leyna
★★ [clip] All You Wanna Do Is Dance
★★ [clip] A Matter of Trust
- [clip] A Matter of Trust (Live)
★★ [clip] A Minor Variation
★★ [clip] And So It Goes
- [clip] Angry Young Man (Live)
★★★ [clip] An Innocent Man
- [clip] An Innocent Man (Live)
- [clip] A Room of Our Own
★★ [clip] Baby Grand
- [clip] Baby Grand (Live)
- [clip] Back in the U.S.S.R.
- [clip] Big Man on Mulberry Street
- [clip] Big Man on Mulberry Street (Live)
★★ [clip] Big Shot
- [clip] Big Shot (Live)
★★ [clip] Blond Over Blue
★★ [clip] Captain Jack
- [clip] Captain Jack (Live)
★★ [clip] Careless Talk
- [clip] C'etait Toi (You Were the One)
★★★★ [clip] Christie Lee
★★★ [clip] Close to the Borderline
★★ [clip] Code of Silence
★★★ [clip] Don't Ask Me Why
- [clip] Easy Money
- [clip] Everybody Has a Dream
★★ [clip] Everybody Loves You Now
- [clip] Everybody Loves You Now (Live)
- [clip] Falling of the Rain
- [clip] Famous Last Words
- [clip] Get It Right the First Time
★★★★ [clip] Getting Closer
- [clip] Goodnight Saigon
- [clip] Goodnight Saigon (Live)
- [clip] Got To Begin Again
- [clip] Half a Mile Away
- [clip] Hey Girl
★★★ [clip] Honesty
- [clip] Honesty (Live)
★★ [clip] I Don't Want To Be Alone
- [clip] If I Only Had the Words (To Tell You)
★★ [clip] I Go to Extremes
★★★ [clip] It's Still Rock and Roll to Me
- [clip] I've Loved These Days
- [clip] I've Loved These Days (Live)
- [clip] James
★★ [clip] Just the Way You Are
★★★ [clip] Keeping the Faith
★★ [clip] Laura
★★ [clip] Leave a Tender Moment Alone
- [clip] Leningrad
★★ [clip] Light as the Breeze
- [clip] Los Angelenos
- [clip] Los Angelenos (Live)
- [clip] Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel)
- [clip] Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)
- [clip] Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway) (Live)
★★ [clip] Modern Woman
★★ [clip] Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
★★★ [clip] My Life
★★ [clip] New York State of Mind
- [clip] Nocturne
★★ [clip] No Man's Land
★★★ [clip] Only the Good Die Young
- [clip] Only the Good Die Young (Live)
★★ [clip] Piano Man
★★ [clip] Prelude / Angry Young Man
★★ [clip] Pressure
- [clip] Roberta
★★★ [clip] Root Beer Rag
- [clip] Rosalinda's Eyes
- [clip] Running on Ice
★★ [clip] Say Goodbye to Hollywood
- [clip] Say Goodbye to Hollywood (Live)
- [clip] Scandinavian Skies
★★★ [clip] Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
- [clip] Shades of Grey
★★ [clip] Shameless
★★ [clip] She's Always a Woman
★★ [clip] She's Got a Way
- [clip] She's Got a Way (Live)
- [clip] She's Right on Time
★★ [clip] Sleeping With the Television On
★★★ [clip] Sometimes a Fantasy
- [clip] Sometimes a Fantasy (Live)
- [clip] Somewhere Along the Line
- [clip] Souvenir
- [clip] State of Grace
★★★ [clip] Stiletto
- [clip] Stiletto (Live)
- [clip] Stop in Nevada
- [clip] Storm Front
- [clip] Streetlife Serenader
- [clip] Streetlife Serenader (Live)
- [clip] Summer Highland Falls
- [clip] Summer Highland Falls (Live)
- [clip] Surprises
★★ [clip] Tell Her About It
★★ [clip] Temptation
★★ [clip] That's Not Her Style
★★★ [clip] The Ballad of Billy the Kid
- [clip] The Ballad of Billy the Kid (Live)
- [clip] The Downeaster Alexa
★★★ [clip] The Entertainer
- [clip] The Great Suburban Showdown
★★ [clip] The Great Wall of China
- [clip] The Last of the Big Time Spenders
★★★ [clip] The Longest Time
- [clip] The Mexican Connection
- [clip] The Night Is Still Young
★★★ [clip] The River of Dreams
★★ [clip] The Stranger
- [clip] The Times They Are a Changin'
- [clip] This Is the Time
★★ [clip] This Night
- [clip] Through the Long Night
- [clip] To Make You Feel My Love
- [clip] Tomorrow Is Today
- [clip] Travelin' Prayer
- [clip] Turn Around
★★ [clip] Two Thousand Years
- [clip] Until the Night
★★ [clip] Uptown Girl
- [clip] Uptown Girl (Live)
- [clip] Vienna
★★ [clip] We Didn't Start the Fire
- [clip] Weekend Song
- [clip] When in Rome
★★ [clip] When You Wish Upon a Star
- [clip] Where's the Orchestra
- [clip] Why Judy Why
- [clip] Worse Comes to Worst
- [clip] You Can Make Me Free
- [clip] You Look So Good to Me
★★ [clip] You May Be Right
- [clip] You're My Home
- [clip] You're My Home (Live)
★★ [clip] You're Only Human
- [clip] Zanzibar
Billy Squier
- [clip] Christmas Is the Time To Say "I Love You"
Bing Crosby
- [clip] White Christmas
★★ [clip] Big Time Sensuality (LP Version)
★★ [clip] Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Minimix)
★★ [clip] It's Oh So Quiet
= ブラックビスケッツ
★★ [clip] Timing
★★ [clip] All the Small Things
- [clip] Call Me
★★ [clip] Dreaming
★★★ [clip] Heart of Glass
★★ [clip] One Way or Another
★★★ [clip] Sunday Girl
★★ [clip] The Tide Is High
Blues Brothers
- [clip] Closing: I Can't Turn You Loose
★★ [clip] Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
★★ [clip] Opening: I Can't Turn You Loose
★★ [clip] Rubber Biscuit
★★ [clip] Soul Man
[clip] Sweet Home Chicago
Blues Brothers featuring Ray Charles
[clip] Shake Your Tailfeather
Blues Traveler
★★★ [clip] Hook
★★ [clip] Run Around
Bobby Darin
★★★ [clip] Beyond the Sea
Bobby Fuller Four
★★ [clip] I Fought the Law
Bobby Helms
- [clip] Jingle Bell Rock
- [clip] Jingle Bell Rock (1956)
Bon Jovi
☆☆ [clip] Wanted Dead or Alive
Bonnie Tyler
★★★ [clip] Total Eclipse of the Heart
The Breeders
★★★★ [clip] Cannonball
Brenda Lee
- [clip] Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
☆☆ [clip] Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
the brilliant green
= ザ・ブリリアントグレーン (ブリグリ)
★★ [clip] 愛の<heart>愛の星
= ai no <heart> ai no hoshi
= heart of love star of love
★★ [clip] Always and Always
[clip] angel song −イヴの鐘−
= angel song -eve no kane-
= angel song -ivu no kane-
= angel song -Eve's bell-
★★ [clip] Brownie the cat −魅惑の猫ルーム−
= Brownie the cat -miwaku no neku room-
= Brownie the cat -miwaku no neku ruumu-
= Brownie the cat -captivating cat room-
★★ [clip] BYE! MY BOY!
★★ [clip] Hello Another Way −それぞれの場所−
= Hello Another Way -sorezore no basho-
= Hello Another Way -every place-
[clip] "I"
[clip] I'm In Heaven
★★★ [clip] Maybe We Could Go Back To Then
- [clip] Maybe We Could Go Back To Then (76 VERSION)
★★ [clip] 長いため息のように
= nagai tameiki no you ni
= like a long sigh
★★ [clip] Rock'n Roll
- [clip] Rock'n Roll (Live at Shibuya Club Quattro)
★★ [clip] 白い雪とシャンパンとX'mas SONG
= shiroi yuki to champagne to X'mas SONG
= shiroi yuki to shanpan to X'mas SONG
= white snow and champagne X'mas SONG
★★ [clip] そのスピードで
= sono speed de
= sono supiido de
= with that speed
★★ [clip] Stand by
★★★ [clip] There will be love there -愛のある場所-
= There will be love there -ai no aru basho-
= There will be love there -a place where there is love-
★★ [clip] 冷たい花
= tsumetai hana
= cold flowers
★★★ [clip] You & I
Bruce Channel
- [clip] Hey Baby
Buddy Holly
★★ [clip] That'll Be the Day (with intro by Wolf Man Jack)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Once More, With Feeling" (AMC edit)
- [clip] Bring the Fun In (Once More With Feeling) / Where Do We Go From Here?
★★ [clip] Dawn's Dance / Bring the Fun In
- [clip] Does Anybody Even Notice?
- [clip] Grrr, Argh
★★ [clip] I'll Never Tell
- [clip] I'm Under Your Spell
- [clip] interlude (burst into song)
★★ [clip] I've Got a Theory
★★ [clip] Let Me Rest in Peace
- [clip] Opening Titles
★★ [clip] Overture / Going Through the Motions
★★ [clip] Something to Sing About
★★ [clip] Standing in the Way / Wish I Could Stay
- [clip] They Got the Mustard Out
★★ [clip] Walk Through the Fire
Burl Ives
- [clip] A Holly Jolly Christmas
★★★★ [clip] Short Skirt / Long Jacket (Radio Edit)
Carl Perkins
★★ [clip] Blue Suede Shoes
The Cars
- [clip] Drive
- [clip] Good Times Roll
★★ [clip] Just What I Needed
★★ [clip] Let's Go
- [clip] Magic
★★ [clip] My Best Friend's Girl
- [clip] Shake It Up
★★ [clip] Tonight She Comes
★★★ [clip] You Might Think
C&C Music Factory
★★★ [clip] Gonna Make You Sweat
★★ [clip] Here We Go, Let's Rock and Roll
★★★ [clip] Things That Make You Go Hmmmm....
The Champs
★★ [clip] Tequila
The Charlie Daniels Band
★★★ [clip] The Devil Went Down to Georgia
= Rina Chinen
= chinen rina
★★ [clip] Baby Love
Chubby Checker
★★ [clip] Limbo Rock
- [clip] The Twist
Chuck Berry
★★★ [clip] Johny B. Goode
★★ [clip] Tubthumping
Cibo Matto
[clip] Know Your Chicken
[clip] The Candy Man (Album Version)
The Clovers
- [clip] Love Potion No. 9
The Commodores
☆☆ [clip] Brick House
The Cranberries
★★★★ [clip] Dreams
★★ [clip] Linger
Crash Test Dummies
★★ [clip] Afternoons and Coffeespoons
★★ [clip] Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
C.W. McCall
★★ [clip] Convoy
Cyndi Lauper
★★ [clip] All Through the Night
- [clip] Change of Heart
★★★ [clip] Girls Just Want To Have Fun
- [clip] He's So Unusual
★★ [clip] I Drove All Night
★★ [clip] Iko Iko
- [clip] Money Changes Everything
- [clip] She Bop
★★ [clip] The Goonies 'R' Good Enough
★★ [clip] Time After Time
★★ [clip] True Colors
★★ [clip] When You Were Mine
Dave Matthews Band
☆☆ [clip] Ants Marching
- [clip] Ants Marching (Live)
David Bowie
★★ [clip] Blue Jean
★★★ [clip] Changes
- [clip] China Girl
★★★★ [clip] Fame '90
- [clip] Let's Dance
★★★ [clip] Modern Love
★★ [clip] Rebel Rebel
★★★★ [clip] Young Americans
Dead or Alive
★★ [clip] Brand New Lover
★★ [clip] You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
Deee Lite
★★ [clip] Groove Is in the Heart
★★ [clip] Dueling Banjos
The Dell Vikings
★★ [clip] Come Go With Me
Del Shannon
★★ [clip] Runaway
★★ [clip] Life
Dexy's Midnight Runners
★★★★ [clip] Come on Eileen
★★ [clip] The Wanderer
Dire Straits
★★ [clip] Money for Nothing
[clip] So Far Away
★★ [clip] Walk of Life
[clip] Why Worry
★★ [clip] A Spoonful of Sugar
★★ [clip] Chim Chim Cher-ee
★★ [clip] Cruella De Vil
- [clip] Feed the Birds
★★★ [clip] Kiss the Girl
★★ [clip] Les Poissons
- [clip] Let's Go Fly a Kite
★★ [clip] Part of Your World
- [clip] Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
- [clip] The Bare Necessities
★★★★ [clip] Under the Sea
★★ [clip] Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)
★★ [clip] I Touch Myself
The Dixie Cups
★★ [clip] Chapel of Love
★★★ [clip] Iko Iko
DNA Featuring Suzanne Vega
★★ [clip] Tom's Diner
Donna Lewis
★★ [clip] I Love You Always Forever
Duran Duran
- [clip] Girls on Film
★★ [clip] Hungry Like the Wolf
- [clip] Is There Something I Should Know
★★ [clip] Notorious
★★ [clip] Rio
- [clip] Skin Trade
★★ [clip] The Reflex
★★ [clip] Union of the Snake
Eddie Cochran
★★ [clip] Summertime Blues
Elton John
★★ [clip] Bennie and the Jets
- [clip] Blue Eyes
- [clip] Border Song
★★ [clip] Crocodile Rock
- [clip] Daniel
★★ [clip] Don't Go Breaking Your Heart
★★ [clip] Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
★★ [clip] Empty Garden
★★ [clip] Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
- [clip] Heartache All Over the World
★★ [clip] Honky Cat
★★ [clip] I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues
★★ [clip] I'm Still Standing
- [clip] Island Girl
★★ [clip] Kiss the Bride
★★ [clip] Levon
- [clip] Little Jeannie
★★★ [clip] Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
★★ [clip] Mama Can't Buy You Love
★★ [clip] Nikita
- [clip] Philadelphia Freedom
★★ [clip] Pinball Wizard
★★ [clip] Rocket Man
★★ [clip] Sad Songs Say So Much
★★ [clip] Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
- [clip] Someone Saved My Life Tonight
- [clip] Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word
- [clip] The Bitch Is Back
★★ [clip] Too Low for Zero
★★★★ [clip] Wrap Her Up
★★ [clip] Your Song
Elvis Presley
★★ [clip] All Shook Up
★★ [clip] Blue Christmas
★★ [clip] Can't Help Falling in Love
★★ [clip] Don't Be Cruel
★★ [clip] Good Luck Charm
- [clip] Heartbreak Hotel
★★ [clip] Hound Dog
- [clip] In the Ghetto
★★★ [clip] Jailhouse Rock
- [clip] Love Me Tender
★★ [clip] Return To Sender
- [clip] Suspicious Minds
- [clip] Suspicious Minds (remix)
★★ [clip] Teddy Bear
★★ [clip] Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
★★ [clip] Unbelievable
The Empire Strikes Back
☆☆ [clip] Finale / End Credits
★★ [clip] Return To Innocence
★★ [clip] A Little Respect
- [clip] Chains of Love
★★★★ [clip] Oh L'Amour
★★ [clip] Sometimes
★★ [clip] Star
★★★ [clip] Take a Chance on Me
Eric Carmen
- [clip] Hungry Eyes
Every Little Thing (ELT)
= エブリリトルシング
★★ [clip] All along
★★ [clip] Dear My Friend
★★ [clip] 出逢った頃のように
= deatta koro no you ni
= as when I met you
★★ [clip] Face the change
★★ [clip] Feel My Heart
★★ [clip] For the moment
★★ [clip] Future World
[clip] Get Into A Groove
☆☆ [clip] Here and everywhere
[clip] キモチ
= kimochi
= feeling
★★ [clip] NECESSARY
[clip] Never Stop!
★★ [clip] Over and Over
★★ [clip] Pray
★★ [clip] Shapes Of Love
★★ [clip] Someday, Someplace
★★ [clip] Time goes by
The Exciters
★★ [clip] Tell Him
Faith No More
★★ [clip] Epic
★★★ [clip] Out of My Head
★★ [clip] The Way
Fats Domino
- [clip] Ain't That a Shame
★★ [clip] Ain't That a Shame (Live)
★★ [clip] Blueberry Hill (Live)
★★ [clip] Blue Monday (Live)
★★ [clip] I'm Walkin' (Live)
★★★ [clip] Jambalaya (Live)
★★★ [clip] My Blue Heaven (Live)
- [clip] Silver Bells
★★ [clip] Walking to New Orleans (Live)
★★ [clip] When the Saints Go Marching In (Live)
The Five Satins
- [clip] In the Still of the Night
The Flaming Lips
★★★ [clip] She Don't Use Jelly (Album Version)
Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids
★★ [clip] At the Hop
Fleetwood Mac
★★ [clip] Big Love
★★ [clip] Don't Stop
★★ [clip] Dreams
- [clip] Everywhere
★★ [clip] Gold Dust Woman
★★ [clip] Go Your Own Way
★★ [clip] Gypsy
★★ [clip] Hold Me
★★ [clip] Landslide
- [clip] Little Lies
★★ [clip] Monday Morning
★★ [clip] Rhiannon
★★ [clip] Say You Love Me
★★ [clip] Second Hand News
★★★ [clip] Seven Wonders
★★ [clip] The Chain
- [clip] You Make Loving Fun
The Foundations
★★ Build Me Up Buttercup
Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons
★★ [clip] December 1963 (Oh What a Night!)
= Fukuyama Masaharu
[clip] 1985年 Factory Street 夏
= 1985nen Factory Street natsu
= 1985 factory street summer
[clip] 明日へのマーチ
= ashita e no march
= ashita e no maachi
= toward tomorrow march
★★ [clip] Heart
☆☆ [clip] HEAVEN
★★ [clip] HELLO
[clip] Message
★★ [clip] Peach!!
[clip] You
Gary Numan
★★ [clip] Cars
George Gershwin
★★★★ [clip] Rhapsody in Blue
George Michael
★★ [clip] Faith
★★ [clip] Father Figure
★★★★ [clip] Freedom
★★ [clip] I Want Your Sex
- [clip] Kissing a Fool
★★ [clip] Monkey
- [clip] One More Try
- [clip] Praying for Time
Georgia Satellites
★★ [clip] Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Gina G
☆☆ [clip] Ooh! Aah... Just a Little Bit
= グレー
★★ [clip] a Boy 〜ずっと忘れない〜
= a Boy -zutto wasurenai-
= a Boy -not at all forgotten-
★★ [clip] BELOVED
★★ [clip] BE WITH YOU
★★ [clip] グロリアス
= glorious
= guroriasu
★★ [clip] HAPPINESS
★★ [clip] 春を愛する人
= haru o ai suru hito
= spring-loving person
★★ [clip] HOWEVER
★★ [clip] 生きてく強さ
= ikiteku tsuyosa
= the strength to live ??
★★ [clip] I'm in Love
- [clip] カーテンコール
= curtain call
= kaatenkouru
★★ [clip] kiseki no hate
= end of the wagon tracks ??
★★ [clip] ここではない、どこかへ
= koko de wa nai, dokoka e
= not here, somewhere
★★ [clip] 口唇
= kuchibiru
= lips
- [clip] Lovers change fighters,cool
★★ [clip] MERMAID
- [clip] More than Love
[clip] neuromancer
★★ [clip] pure soul
★★ [clip] サバイバル
= survival
= sabaibaru
★★ [clip] SOUL LOVE
★★ [clip] summer FM
- [clip] Together
[clip] Together (new version with orchestra)
[clip] とまどい (Jet the Phantom)
= tomadoi (Jet the Phantom)
= lost at sea (Jet the Phantom)
- [clip] Yes,Summerdays
★★ [clip] Young oh! oh!
★★ [clip] 誘惑
= yuuwaku
= temptation
★★ [clip] ずっと2人で…
= zutto futari de
= always as a couple
Glenn Miller and His Orchestra
★★★ [clip] In the Mood
= グローブ
★★ [clip] FREEDOM
★★ [clip] Love Again
★★ [clip] Sa Yo Na Ra
- [clip] Wanderin' Destiny
★★ [clip] You are the one
globe featuring MARC
★★ [clip] THE MAIN LORD
Gloria Estefan
☆☆ [clip] Live for Loving You
★★★ [clip] Head Over Heels
★★ [clip] Our Lips Are Sealed
★★ [clip] Vacation
★★ [clip] We Got the Beat
★★ [clip] Blue Moon
★★★ [clip] Born To Hand Jive
★★★ [clip] Greased Lightning
- [clip] Hopelessly Devoted to You
- [clip] Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay
★★★ [clip] Summer Nights
- [clip] Tears on My Pillow
- [clip] There Are Worse Things I Could Do
★★★ [clip] We Go Together
★★ [clip] You're the One That I Want
Green Day
★★★★ [clip] Basket Case
★★ [clip] Longview
★★ [clip] When I Come Around
- [clip] Brand New Day
- [clip] Carolina Moon
★★ [clip] Change in My Life
[clip] Don't Let Your Heart
[clip] Faith
[clip] For the Longest Time
- [clip] Freedom (Live)
- [clip] Harriet Tubman
★★ [clip] I'll Set You Free / In Your Room
- [clip] I'm Calling You
★★ [clip] Java Jive
★★ [clip] Let the River Run
★★★ [clip] Love of the Common People
[clip] Monday Monday
[clip] More Than Words
★★★ [clip] Oh L'Amour
★★ [clip] Only You
[clip] Somebody Groovy
- [clip] Stay for Awhile
- [clip] Sweet Dreams
[clip] Tainted Love
★★ [clip] The Lion Sleeps Tonight
★★ [clip] Trash
★★ [clip] Vicious Love
★★ [clip] Whole Lotta Me
★★ [clip] Wonderful World
★★ [clip] You Won't See Me
★★★ [clip] Zombie Jamboree
= Hamasaki Ayumi
★★ [clip] Boys & Girls
☆☆ [clip] Boys & Girls
- [clip] Boys & Girls (album version)
★★ [clip] Fly high (album version)
☆☆ [clip] Fly high (HAL'S MIX 2000)
☆☆ [clip] TO BE
★★ [clip] TO BE (album version)
★★ [clip] Trauma (album version)
★★★ [clip] MMMBop
Harry Belafonte
★★ [clip] Day O
★★★ [clip] Jump in the Line
Harry Connick Jr.
- [clip] The Bare Necessities
Harry Simeone Chorale
☆☆ [clip] Little Drummer Boy
- [clip] The Little Drummer Boy
速水けんだろう 茂森あゆみ
= Hayami Kendarou & Shigemori Ayumi
★★ [clip] だんご3兄弟
= dango 3 kyoudai
= dango san kyoudai
= three brother dumplings
Henry Mancini
- [clip] A Shot in the Dark
★★ [clip] Baby Elephant Walk
★★ [clip] Peter Gunn
- [clip] Theme From Love Story
★★ [clip] The Pink Panther Theme
= ひろ
[clip] Bright Daylight
★★ [clip] 希望の歌
= kibou no uta
= song of hope
[clip] 忘れられない日々
= wasurerarenai hibi
= unforgettable day
= Hirosue Ryoko
★★ [clip] 明日へ
= ashita e
= toward tomorrow
★★ [clip] 大スキ!
= daisuki!
= I love you very much!
[clip] ジーンズ
= jeans
= jiinzu
[clip] 風のプリズム
= kaze no prism
= kaze no purizumu
= prism of the wind
★★ [clip] MajiでKoiする5秒前
= Maji de Koi Suru 5 Byou Mae
= Maji de Koi suru go byou mae
= five seconds before seriously falling in love
[clip] NNNN〜キッス!
= NNNN-kiss!
= NNNN-kisu!
★★ [clip] プライベイト
= private
= puraibeito
[clip] summer sunset
[clip] とまどい
= tomadoi
= lost at sea
= Tomoyasu Hotei
= hotei tomoyasu
☆☆ [clip] バンビーナ
= bambina
= banbiina
= girl
Howard Jones
☆☆ [clip] Life in One Day
Huey Lewis and the News
★★★ [clip] Bad Is Bad
- [clip] Heart and Soul
★★ [clip] If This Is It
★★ [clip] I Want a New Drug
★★ [clip] The Heart of Rock & Roll
★★ [clip] Walking on a Thin Line
Hysteric Blue
= ヒステリックブルー
★★ [clip] ベイサイドベイベー
= bayside baby
= beisaido beibei
★★★ [clip] 直感パラダイス
= chokkan paradise
= chokkan paradaisu
= intuition paradise
[clip] だいすき
= daisuki
= very likeable
[clip] Dear
[clip] フラストレーションミュージック
= frustration music
= furasutoreishon myuujikku
★★ [clip] ふたりぼっち
= futaribocchi
= two alone ??
[clip] グロウアップ
= grow up
= gurou appu
★★ [clip] 春〜spring〜
= haru -spring-
= spring -spring-
★★ [clip] はとぽっぽ
= hatopoppo
= pigeon coo coo
[clip] Home Town
★★ [clip] 今見える明日、戒める今日
= ima mieru asu, imashimeru kyou
= now visible tomorrow, admonished today ??
★★ [clip] Little Trip
[clip] 祭りのあと
= matsuri no ato
= after the festival
★★ [clip] なぜ・・・
= naze...
= why...
[clip] Reset me
★★ [clip] RUSH!
★★ [clip] 浮気なスポーツカー
= uwakina sports car
= uwakina supoutsu kaa
= fickle sports car
Ike & Tina Turner
★★★ [clip] Proud Mary
Jackie Wilson
★★★ [clip] Higher and Higher
☆☆ [clip] Laid
Jan & Dean
★★ [clip] Surf City
★★ [clip] The Little Old Lady From Pasadena
Jane's Addiction
★★★ [clip] Been Caught Stealing
Janet Jackson
★★★ [clip] Black Cat
★★ [clip] Control
- [clip] Escapade
★★ [clip] Love Will Never Do Without You
★★ [clip] Miss You Much
★★★ [clip] Nasty
★★ [clip] Rhythm Nation
★★ [clip] The Pleasure Principle
★★ [clip] Together Again
★★ [clip] What Have You Done for Me Lately
- [clip] When I Think of You
Jay & the Americans
★★ [clip] Come a Little Bit Closer
Jerry Lee Lewis
★★ [clip] Great Balls of Fire
★★ [clip] Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
Jesus Jones
- [clip] Real, Real, Real
★★ [clip] Right Here, Right Now
- [clip] You Were Meant for Me
J. Geils Band
★★★★ [clip] Centerfold
★★★ [clip] Freeze Frame
★★ [clip] Land of a Thousand Dances
Jim Croce
★★ [clip] Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
John Lennon
- [clip] Give Peace a Chance
- [clip] Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
★★ [clip] Imagine
★★ [clip] Instant Karma
★★ [clip] Starting Over
★★ [clip] Watching the Wheels
- [clip] Whatever Gets You Through the Night
★★ [clip] Woman
Johnny Burnette
★★ [clip] You're Sixteen You're Beautiful (and You're Mine)
Jose Feliciano
☆☆ [clip] Feliz Navidad
= joshi juu ni gakubou
= 12 Girls Band
[clip] 五泊 (Take Five)
= gohaku (Take Five)
= five beats (Take Five)
[clip] 自由
= jiyuu
[clip] 七拍
= nanahaku
= seven beats
= ジュディ・アンド・マリー
★★ [clip] BLUE TEARS
★★ [clip] Brand New Wave Upper Ground
★★★ [clip] Cheese"PIZZA"
★★★ [clip] Cheese"PIZZA"Large!!
[clip] 小さな頃から
= chiisana koro kara
= from a small time
★★ [clip] ドキドキ
= dokidoki
= throb
[clip] エゴイスト…?
= egoist...?
= egoisuto...?
= egotist...?
★★ [clip] Hello!Orange Sunshine
★★ [clip] イロトリドリ ノ セカイ
= irotoridori no sekai
= varied(?) world
★★ [clip] 自転車
= jitensha
= bicycle
[clip] くじら12号
= Kuzira No.12
= kujira juu ni gou
= whale No.12
[clip] クラシック
= classic
= kurashikku
- [clip] クリスマス
= christmas
= kurisumasu
☆☆ [clip] LOLITA A-GO-GO
★★ [clip] LOVER SOUL
★★ [clip] Over Drive
★★ [clip] POWER OF LOVE
☆☆ [clip] POWER OF LOVE
★★ [clip] RADIO
★★ [clip] 散歩道
= sanpomichi
= sanpo michi
= walking road
★★ [clip] そばかす
= sobakasu
= freckles
[clip] 手紙を書くよ
= tegami o kaku yo
= write a letter
Juice Newton
★★ [clip] Love's Been a Little Bit Hard on Me
華原朋美 (朋ちゃん)
= Kahala Tomomi (Tomochan)
★★ [clip] be honest
★★ [clip] daily news
★★ [clip] Every morning
★★★ [clip] Hate tell a lie
★★ [clip] here we are
★★ [clip] I BELIEVE
★★ [clip] I'm proud
- [clip] I WANNA GO
- [clip] Just a real love night
- [clip] keep yourself alive
★★ [clip] LOVE BRACE
★★ [clip] save your dream
★★ [clip] たのしく たのしく やさしくね
= tanoshiku tanoshiku yasashiku ne
= enjoyably enjoyably tenderly
★★ [clip] tumblin' dice
★★ [clip] YOU DON'T GIVE UP
- [clip] You just gonna sing a song
= Kawamoto Makoto
☆☆ [clip] FRAGILE
★★★ [clip]
= sakura
= cherry blossom
= Kawamura Ryuichi
★★★ [clip] Love is...
Kim Carnes
★★ [clip] Bette Davis Eyes
Kim Wilde
☆☆ [clip] Kids in America
- [clip] You Keep Me Hanging On
The Kinks
[clip] Come Dancing
= キロロ
[clip] チャンス
= chance
= chansu
☆☆ [clip] ちょきん
= chokin
= savings
★★ [clip] ちょきん (second version)
= chokin (second version)
= savings
[clip] 冬の歌
= fuyu no uta
= winter song
★★ [clip] 未来へ
= mirai e
= toward the future
= Coconuts Musume
= kokonattsu musume
= coconut daughters
☆☆ [clip] 常夏娘
= toko natsu musume
= endless summer daughters
Lalo Schifrin and John E. Davis
★★ [clip] Mission: Impossible Main Title
Lee Dorsey
★★ [clip] Ya Ya
Leo Sayer
[clip] You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
The London Promenade Orchestra
★★ [clip] Also Sprach Zarathustra
The London Symphony Orchestra
- [clip] Sleigh Ride
Los Del Rio
★★★ [clip] Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix)
- [clip] Macarena (River Fe Mix 103 BPM)
Lynyrd Skynyrd
★★ [clip] Sweet Home Alabama
★★ [clip] Borderline
★★★ [clip] Cherish
- [clip] Crazy for You
★★ [clip] Don't Tell Me (Album Version)
★★ [clip] Express Yourself
- [clip] Holiday
★★ [clip] Into the Groove
- [clip] La Isla Bonita
★★★ [clip] Like a Prayer
★★ [clip] Like a Virgin
- [clip] Live To Tell
- [clip] Lucky Star
★★ [clip] Material Girl
- [clip] Open Your Heart
★★ [clip] Papa Don't Preach
★★ [clip] Ray of Light
★★★ [clip] Vogue
Manfred Mann
★★ [clip] Do Wah Diddy Diddy
Mariah Carey
- [clip] All I Want for Christmas Is You
- [clip] Always Be My Baby
- [clip] Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
- [clip] Dreamlover
- [clip] Emotions
- [clip] Hero
- [clip] I Don't Wanna Cry
★★★★ [clip] If It's Over
- [clip] Jesus Oh What a Wonderful Child
★★ [clip] Love Takes Time
★★ [clip] Make It Happen
- [clip] Oh Holy Night
- [clip] One Sweet Day
- [clip] Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
★★ [clip] Someday
★★★ [clip] Vanishing
★★★★ [clip] Vision of Love
★★★★ [clip] Without You
Marilyn E. Whitelaw and Mark Davis
- [clip] Jeannie's Diner
Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs
- [clip] Stay
Meat Loaf
- [clip] All Revved Up With No Place To Go
- [clip] Bat Out of Hell
★★ [clip] Paradise by the Dash Board Light
★★ [clip] You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth
Melissa Etheridge
- [clip] I Want To Come Over
Men Without Hats
★★★ [clip] Pop Goes the World
★★ [clip] The Safety Dance
Michael Jackson
☆☆ [clip] Jam
☆☆ [clip] Smooth Criminal
Michelle Branch
★★ [clip] All You Wanted
★★ [clip] Everywhere
★★ [clip] Goodbye to You (Buffy version)
Mickey and Sylvia
★★ [clip] Love Is Strange
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
★★★ [clip] The Impression That I Get
持田かおり / 持田香織
= Mochida Kaori
☆☆ [clip] もう一度
= mouichido
= again
Molly Lewis
★★ [clip] An Open Letter To Stephen Fry (Live)
★★ [clip] introduction & MyHope (Live)
★★ [clip] I Pity the Fool
★★ [clip] I Pity the Fool (Live)
★★ [clip] It All Makes Sense at the End
★★ [clip] It All Makes Sense at the End (Live)
★★ [clip] My Bioluminescent Boy (Live)
★★ [clip] MyHope
★★ [clip] Our American Cousin
★★ [clip] Our American Cousin (Live)
- [clip] Peep Fight
- [clip] Road Trip
★★ [clip] Road Trip (Live 4/26/08)
- [clip] Road Trip (Live 2012)
★★ [clip] Sell Out (by Reel Big Fish) (Live)
★★ [clip] The Year of the Beard (Live)
The Monotones
★★ [clip] Book of Love (with intro by Wolf Man Jack)
Mosaic Whispers
★★ [clip] 500 Miles
★★ [clip] Africa
[clip] Believe It or Not
★★ [clip] December '63
★★ [clip] Hope of Deliverance
- [clip] I Can't Make You Love Me
★★ [clip] I Hope That Something Better Comes Along
- [clip] Just for You
★★ [clip] Kayaking
★★ [clip] Kiss the Girl
- [clip] Leave It
- [clip] Please Don't Go
★★ [clip] Somebody To Love
★★ [clip] Standin' by the Bedside
[clip] Tenderness Place
[clip] The Logical Song
★★ [clip] The Rose
モーニング娘。 (モー娘。)
= Morning Musume (MoMusu)
= mouningu musume (moumusu)
= morning daughter
☆☆ [clip] DANCEするのだ!
= DANCE suru no da!
= dansu suru no da!
= it's dancing! ??
★★ [clip] ハッピーサマーウェディング
= happy summer wedding
= happii samaa wedingu
★★ [clip] 恋のダンスサイト
= koi no dance site
= koi no dansu saito
= dance site of love
★★ [clip] 恋はロケンロー
= koi wa rock 'n' roll
= koi wa rokenrou
= love is rock 'n' roll
★★ [clip] LOVEマシーン
= LOVE machine
= LOVE mashiin
[clip] モーニングコーヒー(2002 version)
= mouningu kouhii (2002 version)
= morning coffee (2002 version)
★★ [clip] Mr.Moonlight〜愛のビッグバンド〜
= Mr.Moonlight -ai no big band-
= Mr.Moonlight -ai no biggu bando-
= Mr.Moonlight -big band of love-
★★ [clip] そうだ! We're ALIVE
= sou da! We're ALIVE
= that's right! We're ALIVE
Moxy Fruvous
☆☆ [clip] King of Spain
☆☆ [clip] My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors
Mungo Jerry
★★★ [clip] In the Summertime
Murray Head
☆☆ [clip] One Night in Bangkok
Musical Youth
★★ [clip] Pass the Dutchie
The Music Explosion
★★ [clip] A Little Bit O' Soul
The Music Man
☆☆☆ [clip] Lida Rose & Will I Ever Tell You
★★★★ [clip] 99 Luftballons
= 99 balloons
- [clip] 99 Red Balloons
New Order
★★ [clip] Bizarre Love Triangle (Extended Dance Mix)
Nine Inch Nails
★★★ [clip] Head Like a Hole
No Doubt
★★ [clip] Don't Speak
★★ [clip] Just a Girl
★★★ [clip] Spiderwebs
★★ [clip] ナチュラル
= natural
= nachuraru
Norman Greenbaum
★★ [clip] Spirit in the Sky
- [clip] How Bizarre
= Onuki Ami
★★ [clip] Be Someone Tonight
[clip] Honey
★★ [clip] 女の子男の子
= onnanoko otokonoko
= girl boy
★★ [clip] SNACKS
★★ [clip] That's Sweet Smile
Pat Benatar
★★ [clip] All Fired Up
★★ [clip] Heartbreaker
★★ [clip] Hit Me With Your Best Shot
- [clip] Invincible
★★ [clip] Love Is a Battlefield
★★ [clip] Shadows of the Night
★★★ [clip] We Belong
Pat Boone
- [clip] I'll Be Home for Christmas
Paula Abdul
★★ [clip] Cold Hearted
★★ [clip] Forever Your Girl
- [clip] Opposites Attract
★★ [clip] Straight Up
★★★ [clip] The Way That You Love Me
☆☆ [clip] Vibeology
Paul McCartney
★★ [clip] Band on the Run
★★ [clip] Coming Up
- [clip] Ebony and Ivory
★★ [clip] Jet
- [clip] Let 'Em In
- [clip] Listen to What the Man Said
★★ [clip] Live and Let Die
- [clip] No More Lonely Nights
★★ [clip] Say Say Say
- [clip] Silly Love Songs
Paul Simon
- [clip] 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
☆☆ [clip] Born at the Right Time
★★ [clip] Born at the Right Time (Live)
[clip] Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
- [clip] Graceland
★★ [clip] Kodachrome
★★★ [clip] Late in the Evening
★★ [clip] Loves Me Like a Rock
★★ [clip] Me and Julio Down by the School Yard
- [clip] Slip Slidin' Away
★★ [clip] The Boy in the Bubble
★★ [clip] You Can Call Me Al
Petula Clark
★★ [clip] Downtown
The Pikers
[clip] Annie Laurie
★★ [clip] Birthday
★★ [clip] Blister in the Sun
★★ [clip] Blue Moon
★★ [clip] Bohemian Rhapsody
[clip] Carry on Wayward Son
[clip] Cold as Ice
★★ [clip] Comfortably Numb / Goodbye Blue Sky
★★ [clip] Crazy Little Thing Called Love
- [clip] Dust in the Wind
★★ [clip] Every Breath You Take
[clip] Fortress Around Your Heart
★★ [clip] Gimme Some Lovin'
★★ [clip] Happy Together
- [clip] Hazard
★★ [clip] Hazy Shade of Winter
[clip] Heavenly
★★ [clip] I'm a Believer
★★ [clip] Istanbul
[clip] I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
★★ [clip] It's Still Rock and Roll To Me
[clip] Jackass Ginger
[clip] Johnny's Room
★★★ [clip] Just Like You
★★ [clip] Kiss Him Goodbye
★★ [clip] Late in the Evening
★★ [clip] Lean on Me
★★ [clip] M.C.A.T.
- [clip] Momma Look Sharp
★★ [clip] Moondance
★★ [clip] My Girl / You Really Got Me
★★ [clip] No One Is To Blame
★★ [clip] Pressure
- [clip] Prologne de Piseis
★★ [clip] R.E.M.edley
- [clip] Santa Clause Is Comin' to Town
- [clip] Save Me Now
★★ [clip] Sign Off (The Star-Spangled Banner)
★★ [clip] Somebody
★★ [clip] Something
★★ [clip] Steam
★★ [clip] Supermedley
★★ [clip] Take Me Home
★★ [clip] Take On Me
★★ [clip] That Lonesome Road
★★ [clip] The Daze of Christmas
[clip] Thriller
[clip] True Companion
- [clip] Under the Sea
- [clip] Waiting Faithfully
★★ [clip] Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
★★ [clip] Wonderful Tonight
★★ [clip] You Can Call Me Al
★★ [clip] You're My Best Friend
[clip] You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
Pink Floyd
☆☆ [clip] Wish You Were Here
The Platters
★★ [clip] Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
★★ [clip] The Great Pretender
The Presidents of the United States of America
★★ [clip] Back Porch
[clip] Body
★★ [clip] Dune Buggy
[clip] Froggie
★★ [clip] Kitty
★★ [clip] Lump
★★ [clip] Peaches
[clip] Volcano
★★ [clip] We Are Not Going To Make It
★★ [clip] Back on the Chain Gang
★★ [clip] Brass in Pocket
★★ [clip] Don't Get Me Wrong
- [clip] Message of Love
★★ [clip] My Baby
- [clip] Talk of the Town
★★ [clip] 1999
☆☆☆ [clip] 7
★★ [clip] Delerious
★★ [clip] I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
- [clip] I Would Die for U
☆☆☆☆ [clip] Kiss
★★ [clip] Let's Go Crazy
★★ [clip] Little Red Corvette
- [clip] Sign 'O' the Times
★★ [clip] Starfish and Coffee
- [clip] Take Me With U
★★ [clip] U Got the Look
[clip] When Doves Cry
The Proclaimers
★★★ [clip] I'm Gonna Be
★★ [clip] I'm on My Way
= Petitmoni
= pucchimoni
★★ [clip] バイセコー大成功
= bicycle daiseikou
= baisekou daiseikou
= bicycle huge success
☆☆ [clip] ちょこっとLOVE
= chokotto LOVE
[clip] 青春時代1.2.3!
= seishun jidai 1.2.3!
= youth era 1.2.3!
= パフィー
[clip] 12月
= 12gatsu
= juu ni gatsu
= DEC.
★★ [clip] 愛のしるし
= ai no shirushi
= mark of love
★★★ [clip] アジアの純真
= ajia no junshin
= purity of Asia
★★★★ [clip] 赤いブランコ
= akai buranko
= red swing
★★★★ [clip] Always Dreamin' About You
★★ [clip] あたらしい日々
= atarashii hibi
= new day
★★★ [clip] ブギウギNo.5
= bugiugi No.5
★★ [clip] CAKE IS LOVE
★★ [clip] DE RIO
★★ [clip] FOREVER
☆☆ [clip] ハリケーン
= hurricane
= harikein
★★ [clip] Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Show
★★ [clip] invisible tomorrow
★★ [clip] ジェット警察
= jet keisatsu
= jetto keisatsu
= jet police
★★ [clip] K2G〜キミにGO!〜
= K2G -kimi ni GO!-
= K2G -to you GO!-
[clip] きれいな涙が足りないよ
= kireina namida ga tarinai yo
= beautiful tears are not enough
★★ [clip] 恋のライン愛のシェイプ
= koi no line ai no shape
= koi no rain ai no sheipu
= line of passion shape of love
★★ [clip] これが私の生きる道
= kore ga watashi no ikiru michi
= this is my way of living
★★ [clip] LOVE SO PURE
★★ [clip] 問答無用
= mondoumuyou
★★ [clip] MOTHER
★★ [clip] 渚にまつわるエトセトラ
= nagisa ni matsuwaru etc.
= nagisa ni matsuwaru etosetora
= concerning the beach etc.
★★ [clip] なんなりとなるでしょう
= nannari to naru deshou
= I guess anything could be (?)
★★ [clip] 夏休みプロトタイプ
= natsuyasumi prototype
= natsuyasumi purototaipu
= summer vacation prototype
★★ [clip] ネホリーナハホリーナ
= nehoriinahahoriina
= through-and-through
★★ [clip] 日曜日の娘
= nichiyoubi no musume
= Sunday girl
★★ [clip] パフィー de ルンバ
= Puffy de rumba
= pafii de runba
★★ [clip] パフィーのHey! Mountain
= Puffy no Hey! Mountain
= pafii no Hey! Mountain
= Puffy's Hey! Mountain
★★ [clip] パフィーのルール
= Puffy no rule
= pafii no ruuru
★★ [clip] ロボット プロトタイプヴァージョン0.2
= robot prototype version 0.2
= robotto purototaipu vaajon 0.2
★★ [clip] サーキットの娘
= circuit no musume
= saakitto no musume
= circuit girls
★★ [clip] Simple
★★ [clip] Stray Cats Fever
★★★ [clip] スイスイ
★★ [clip] すみれ
= sumire
★★ [clip] SUNRISE
★★★ [clip] スーイ スーイ
= suui suui
[clip] 太陽
= taiyou
= sun
★★ [clip] たららん
= tararan
★★ [clip] とくするからだ
= toku suru kara da
= it's from making a profit
★★ [clip] 東京ナイツ
= Tokyo nights
= tokyou naitsu
★★ [clip] ともだち
= tomodachi
= friends
★★ [clip] 海へと
= umi eto
★★ [clip] Your love is a drug
★★ [clip] 夢のために
= yume no tame ni
= for the sake of a dream
★★ [clip] Bohemian Rhapsody
Quiet Riot
- [clip] Cum on Feel the Noize
Red Steagall
★★ [clip] Truck Driving Man
The Refreshments
☆☆ [clip] Banditos
Ritchie Valens
★★ [clip] La Bamba
Robbie Nevil
★★ [clip] Wot's It To Ya
Rod Stewart
☆☆ [clip] Love Touch
Roger Miller
★★ [clip] King of the Road
The Ronettes
★★ [clip] Be My Baby
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
★★ [clip] Hooked on Classics Parts 1 and 2
★★ [clip] Hooked on Mozart
Roy Orbison
★★ [clip] Blue Bayou
★★ [clip] Crying
★★ [clip] Oh Pretty Woman
★★ [clip] Only the Lonely
= Sakamoto Kyu
☆☆ [clip] 上を向いて歩こう
= ue o muite arukou (a.k.a. Sukiyaki)
= let's walk looking up
- [clip] Do You Want Me
★★★★ [clip] Expression
★★ [clip] Let's Talk About Sex
- [clip] Shoop
Salt-n-Pepa with En Vogue
★★ [clip] Whatta Man
Samantha Fox
★★ [clip] I Only Wanna Be With You
★★ [clip] Naughty Girls
- [clip] Goodbye to You
Scott Joplin
★★ [clip] The Entertainer
★★ [clip] The Maple Leaf Rag
= センチメンタルバス
[clip] サイクリングビート 330
= cycling beat 330
= saikuringu biito 330
☆☆ [clip] Sunny Day Sunday
★★★ [clip] WEED CROWN
Sesame Street
★★ [clip] ABC-DEF-GHI
★★ [clip] Bein' Green
★★ Bert & Ernie Sing-Along
★★ [clip] I Love Trash
★★ [clip] People in Your Neighborhood
★★ [clip] Rubber Duckie
★★ [clip] Sesame Street
★★ [clip] Somebody Come and Play
The Shangri-Las
★★ [clip] Leader of the Pack
Sheryl Crow
- [clip] Everyday Is a Winding Road
The Silhouettes
- [clip] Get a Job
Simon and Garfunkel
- [clip] Bridge Over Troubled Water
★★★ [clip] Cecilia
- [clip] Homeward Bound (Live)
- [clip] I Am a Rock
★★ [clip] Mrs. Robinson
- [clip] Scarborough Fair / Canticle
★★ [clip] The 59th Street Bridge Song (Live)
★★ [clip] The Boxer
- [clip] The Sound of Silence
Sir Mix-a-Lot
★★ [clip] Baby Got Back
= スマップ
☆☆ [clip] オイラの人生のっぺらぼ〜!
= oira no jinsei nopperabo
= our lives...??
☆☆ [clip] SHAKE
★★ [clip] たいせつ
= taisetsu
= beloved
Smash Mouth
★★ [clip] All Star
[clip] Can't Get Enough of You Baby
[clip] Come On Come On
★★ [clip] Then the Morning Comes
Soft Cell
★★ [clip] Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go
Sonny & Cher
☆☆ [clip] I Got You Babe
The Sound of Music
★★ [clip] Do-Re-Mi
★★ [clip] Edelweiss
- [clip] I Have Confidence
★★ [clip] My Favorite Things
★★ [clip] Sixteen Going on Seventeen
- [clip] So Long, Farewell
★★★ [clip] The Lonely Goatherd
The Soup Dragons
★★ [clip] I'm Free
★★ [clip] Lovegod Dub
The Spaniels
★★ [clip] Goodnight, Well It's Time To Go
= スピード
★★ [clip] ALIVE
☆☆ [clip] ラブリー・フレンドシップ
= lovely friendship
= raburii furendoshippu
Spencer Davis Group
- [clip] Gimme Some Lovin'
Spin Doctors
★★ [clip] Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
★★★ [clip] Two Princes
Stevie Nicks
- [clip] After the Glitter Fades
★★ [clip] Edge of Seventeen
★★ [clip] I Can't Wait
★★ [clip] Leather and Lace
★★ [clip] Rooms on Fire
★★ [clip] Stand Back
★★ [clip] Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
★★ [clip] Talk To Me
☆☆ [clip] Straight to My Heart
Stray Cats
★★ [clip] Rock This Town
★★ [clip] Sexy and 17
★★ [clip] Stray Cat Strut
☆☆ [clip] Mr. Roboto
Sugar Ray
☆☆ [clip] Fly
= スーパー・モンキーズ
★★ [clip] 恋のキュート・ビート
= koi no cute beat
= koi no kyuuto biito
= love's cute beat
★★ [clip] ミスターU.S.A.
= Mr. U.S.A.
= misutaa U.S.A.
= スーパー・モンキーズ4
[clip] 愛してマスカット
= aishite masukatto
= I-love-you-muscat
★★ [clip] DANCING JUNK
= ダンシング・ジャンク
★★ [clip] わがままを許して
= wagamama o yurushite
= forgive my willfulness
The Surfaris
☆☆ [clip] Wipe Out
Suzanne Vega
★★★ [clip] Blood Makes Noise
- [clip] Tom's Diner
鈴木あみ (あみーゴ)
= suzuki ami (Ami-Go)
★★ [clip] all night long (Single Mix)
★★ [clip] alone in my room
★★ [clip] BE TOGETHER
★★ [clip] Don't leave me behind
- [clip] Don't need to say good bye
★★ [clip] Don't need to say good bye (Music Museum)
★★ [clip] love the island
★★ [clip] もうじき朝になるのに
= moujiki asa ni naru noni
= although it will soon be morning
★★ [clip] Nothing Without You
[clip] Silent Stream
[clip] white key
- [clip] Winter Buzz
- [clip] Ballroom Blitz
Talking Heads
★★★ [clip] And She Was
- [clip] Burning Down the House
★★ [clip] Once in a Lifetime
★★ [clip] Psycho Killer
★★ [clip] Road to Nowhere
- [clip] Stay Up Late
★★ [clip] Wild Wild Life
★★ [clip] Waltz of the Flowers
Third Eye Blind
★★ [clip] Semi-Charmed Life
Thomas Dolby
★★ [clip] She Blinded Me With Science
Tia Carrere
★★ [clip] Ballroom Blitz
★★ [clip] I Think We're Alone Now
'Til Tuesday
★★ [clip] Voices Carry
T.M.Revolution (T.M.R.)
= ティー・エム・レボリューション
★★ [clip] 蒼い霹靂 (JOG edit)
= aoi hekireki (JOG edit)
= blue thunder (JOG edit)
★★ [clip] HOT LIMIT
★★ [clip] WHITE BREATH
★★ [clip] WILD RUSH
= トキオ
☆☆ [clip] Love & Peace
☆☆ [clip] みんなでワーッハッハ!
= minna de waahhahha!
= all together wa ha ha!
Tom Lehrer
- [clip] Alma
- [clip] George Murphy
★★ [clip] MLF Lullaby
★★ [clip] National Brotherhood Week
★★ [clip] New Math
- [clip] Pollution
- [clip] Send the Marines
★★ [clip] Smut
★★ [clip] So Long Mom (A Song for World War III)
- [clip] The Folk Song Army
★★ [clip] The Vatican Rag
★★ [clip] Wernher von Braun
- [clip] Whatever Became of Hubert?
★★ [clip] Who's Next?
Tom Petty
★★ [clip] All the Wrong Reasons
[clip] Alright for Now
★★ [clip] A Mind With a Heart of Its Own
★★ [clip] Depending on You
★★ [clip] Feel a Whole Lot Better
★★ [clip] Free Fallin'
[clip] Honey Bee
★★ [clip] It's Good To Be King
★★ [clip] I Won't Back Down
- [clip] Love Is a Long Road
- [clip] Runnin' Down a Dream
★★★ [clip] The Apartment Song
★★ [clip] Time To Move On
- [clip] Two Gunslingers
★★ [clip] Wildflowers
★★ [clip] Yer So Bad
★★ [clip] You Don't Know How It Feels
★★ [clip] You Wreck Me
★★ [clip] Zombie Zoo
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
★★★★ [clip] American Girl (Live)
★★ [clip] Breakdown (Live)
★★ [clip] Built To Last
★★★★ [clip] Don't Do Me Like That
★★ [clip] Insider (Live)
★★ [clip] Into the Great Wide Open
★★ [clip] Kings Highway
- [clip] Learning To Fly
★★ [clip] Needles and Pins (Live)
★★ [clip] Rebels (Live)
★★ [clip] Refugee
★★ [clip] So You Want To Be a Rock and Roll Star (Live)
★★★ [clip] The Waiting (Live)
Tone Loc
★★ [clip] Funky Cold Medina
★★ [clip] Wild Thing
Toni Basil
★★ [clip] Mickey
Tori Amos
★★ [clip] Cornflake Girl (Edit)
☆☆ [clip] Heart and Soul
The Traveling Wilburys
★★★ [clip] Cool Dry Place
★★ [clip] End of the Line
★★ [clip] Handle With Care
★★ [clip] Heading for the Light
★★ [clip] Last Night
★★ [clip] Margarita
★★ [clip] Rattled
★★ [clip] Wilbury Twist
TRF (trf, TK Rave Factory)
★★★ [clip] dAnce is my life系
= dAnce is my life kei
= dAnce is my life system
★★ [clip] EZ DO DANCE
★★ [clip] GOING 2 DANCE
★★ [clip] masquerade (original rock simulation mix)
★★ [clip] OPEN YOUR MIND
★★ [clip] THIS IS THE JOY
2 Unlimited
★★ [clip] Get Ready for This (Orchestral Mix)
- [clip] Twilight Zone (Club Mix)
☆☆ [clip] Desire
☆☆ [clip] Numb
★★ [clip] Here I Am (Come and Take Me)
★★ [clip] I Can't Help Falling in Love With You
☆☆ [clip] Red Red Wine
★★ [clip] The Way You Do the Things You Do
UB40 with Chrissie Hynde
[clip] I Got You Babe
Ugly Kid Joe
★★ [clip] Everything About You
Urban Dance Squad
★★ [clip] Deeper Shade of Soul
The Vapors
★★ [clip] Turning Japanese
☆☆ [clip] Boom Boom Boom Boom
★★ [clip] Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! (XXL Version)
★★ [clip] We Like To Party (Airplay)
Violent Femmes
☆☆ [clip] Blister in the Sun
The Waitresses
- [clip] Christmas Wrapping
- [clip] I Know What Boys Like
Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band
☆☆ [clip] A Fifth of Beethoven
Wang Chung
★★ [clip] Everybody Have Fun Tonight
Weird Al Yankovic
☆☆ [clip] Fat
★★ [clip] Generic Blues
★★ [clip] Isle Thing
★★ [clip] Spam
★★ [clip] Spatula City
★★ [clip] The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota
★★ [clip] The Hot Rocks Polka
☆☆ [clip] Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
= Yoshimura Yumi
[clip] それなりに
= sorenari ni
= as it is
★★ [clip] 強気なふたり
= tsuyokina futari
= strong couple
★★ [clip] V・A・C・A・T・I・O・N
= V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N
Young MC
★★ [clip] Bust a Move
- [clip] Overload
ZZ Top
- [clip] Gimme All Your Lovin'
★★ [clip] Legs
- [clip] Rough Boy
★★ [clip] Sharp Dressed Man
- [clip] Sleeping Bag
- [clip] Stages

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