OS Prelim, spring 1997

Summaries and other information are available from the fall 1996 OS prelim page. Also see the fall 1997 OS prelim page.

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In addition to the reading list, it might be a good idea to check out the current research of the examiners. For the spring 1997 OS prelim, the examiners were Eric Brewer and Alan Smith.


In spring 1997, the questions were:
  1. [Smith] What must an OS for a real-time system do differently than a conventional OS?
  2. [Brewer] What is a network computer, and what are its advantages over a PC? If there is a disk, what should it be used for? How would a typical large application (like Excel or Emacs) be run? How does Java fit in?
  3. [Smith] What support could the OS provide for conserving power on a laptop?
  4. [Brewer] What is wrong with RAID? (Small writes.) How has this problem been dealt with? (See Zebra and HP AutoRAID.)

Reading List

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Undergraduate material

Concurrency, Scheduling and Synchronization

Communication: Local and Remote

File Systems

Virtual Memory


Distributed Systems

Transactions, Recovery, and Fault-Tolerance

Protection and Security

Operating System Structure

Specific Operating Systems

Removed from last semester's reading list:

Revealed Truth

Removed from last semester's reading list:

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