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Noteworthy Songs

These are not my favorite songs. They are songs that I have added to this list, mainly as a note to myself. For example, if I like a song but am unfamiliar with the artist, I might track down that info and record it here. Or if a song is not in my music collection and I find an audio clip on the web (or wish I would), I might put a link here.

The sorting order of the artists is straightforward: Initial A/An/The is ignored, no words are reordered, non-alphanumeric characters are ignored, case is ignored. So “Howard Jones” comes before “Jane's Addiction” because howardjones comes before janesaddiction. Digits preceed letters, as in ASCII.

The matter is unfortunately complicated by the fact that Japanese names, while traditionally written family-name-first, are sometimes reversed when rendered in Roman letters, but there's no consistency. For example, there are many references to “Yumi Yoshimura” and many to “Yoshimura Yumi”. For the time being, I've arbitrarily chosen always to put the family name first in Japanese names. The spelling of the proper names is generally agreed on, even when it's not a standard romanization (for example, Kahala rather than Kahara).

When I romanize Japanese song titles, I use “wa-puro” romaji, and I use my own judgement for placing word breaks and capital letters. (Is there a standard for this?)

Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen

Adam Sandler

Aikawa Nanase 相川七瀬 [official] [audio&info]

Amuro Namie 安室奈美恵 [info&audio]

Art of Noise

Barenaked Ladies


The Big Bopper

Billy Idol


Black Biscuits (featuring Vivian Hsu [info])

Blues Traveler

Chumbawamba [info]

Cibo Matto [official]


Crash Test Dummies

Dave Matthews Band

Dexy's Midnight Runners

Donna Lewis


Every Little Thing = ELT [info] [official] [info&audio]

Faith No More


Flaming Lips

The Four Seasons

Fukuyama Masaharu 福山雅治

Gina G

Glay [info] [official]

The Glenn Miller Orchestra

globe [official]

Hamasaki Ayumi 浜崎あゆみ


Harry Belafonte

Hirosue Ryoko 広末涼子 [info] [info&audio] [images]

Howard Jones

Jackie Wilson

Jane's Addiction

Jay and the Americans

John Williams

Judy and Mary [audio]

Kahala Tomomi 華原朋美 [audio&info]

Kawamoto Makoto 川本真琴 [audio]

Kawamura Ryuichi 河村隆一 [info]

Kim Wilde

Los Del Rio

Men Without Hats

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones [info]

Mungo Jerry


New Order

Nine Inch Nails

No Doubt

Nokko [audio]

Pink Floyd

Presidents of the United States of America


Puffy [audio] [info]

Rod Stewart

Sakamoto Kyu 坂本九 [bio] [photo] [death]

Simon and Garfunkel

Sir Mix-a-Lot

Spin Doctors

Stray Cats


Sugar Ray

Suzanne Vega [info&audio]

T.M. Revolution = Takanori Makes Revolution [audio] [official]

Tone Loc

Tori Amos

TRF = TK Rave Factory [official]



Urban Dance Squad


Violent Femmes

Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band

Weird Al Yankovic

Yoshimura Yumi

Young M.C.


These used to be on the list, but I they don't seem as noteworthy to me as they once did.

The Cardigans


Luscious Jackson

Savage Garden

Third Eye Blind

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