Adam M. Costello

New email address

Please update your address book. I am phasing out my address in favor of an address that I have more control over, so that I can more effectively prevent spam. The new address is:

amc+ any letters and digits

The plus sign after the username “amc” must be present, and the plus-sign before the “@” should be present. For the tag between the plus signs, choose a sequence of letters and/or digits (and more plus-signs, if you like) that is unlikely to be chosen by anyone else.

To obtain a mail link, enter my username (amc) in the form below. You may leave the tag empty, and a random tag will be chosen for you.

username tag
(required) (optional)

In the mail that I send, my From: address will be different each time, but will always fit the pattern described above, so replying will work.

The advantage of having an infinite number of addresses is that if one becomes known to spammers, I can disable it without having to notify everyone to stop using it, because that particular address will be in use by at most one of my legitimate correspondents. Mail sent to a disabled address will bounce.

Some people may be curious about the name “nicemice”.

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 Last modified: 2004-Mar-05-Fri 05:13:44 GMT
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