Quals Proposal

(proposal for doctoral dissertation research)

Joint Design of Multicast Loss Recovery and Forwarding Service Extensions
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Adam M. Costello, advisor Steven McCanne
Computer Science Division
University of California at Berkeley

Quick summary:

The IP multicast service model is insufficient for performing loss recovery. One solution involves adding new forwarding services defined in terms of the underlying multicast distribution tree. We and others have proposed loss recovery schemes that use different forwarding services in different ways, raising the question of which forwarding mechanisms are most worthwhile to support in the network, and how a given set of them can best be used in the end hosts to satisfy the loss recovery requirements of a given application.

To solve this problem, we have devised a framework that serves as a roadmap of the design space. At the network layer we propose a general forwarding service called treecast, which unifies and supersedes the others. At the end hosts, where protocols are built on top of the forwarding services, we have designed a software architecture in which different design options are handled by separate components. By building this framework in a simulation environment and later as an application-level testbed with treecast over UDP, we will explore the design space and evaluate the costs and performance of treecast-based loss recovery schemes.

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