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The things in here may disappear at any time. There is no organization.

Jpop shopping list 2007-Feb-09-Fri (and pdf.gz version for printing)
List of Japanese used CDs that I'd like to buy (probably with the generous help of friends traveling between the U.S. and Japan). There is also an out-of-date map (from 1999) of RECOfan CD stores: a print version (pdf.gz, 457 kB, 7912x5336, black & white) and an online version (png, 455 kB, 2637x1778, 4-bit grayscale).

Secure distributed deck of cards (2003-Jul-21-Mon)
A protocol whose correctness has not yet been demonstrated, and probably never will be, because earlier work already provided solutions with proofs [Crepeau86] [Kurosawa97] [Schindelhauer98], the last of which has been implemented.

my new email address
Please update your address book.

Replier summary
Summary of the paper An Error Control Scheme for Large-Scale Multicast Applications.

Request/Response Layer and Agent Interface
For CS 294-8 Systems of Systems (fall 1997).

A Market for Trading CPU Cycles
For CS 294-8 Systems of Systems (fall 1997).

Rialto summary
Summary of the paper CPU Reservations and Time Constraints: Efficient, Predictable Scheduling of Independent Activities.

Human Language Popularity
A comparison of the popularity of human languages.

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