South Forty Façade Documents

Reference Material

A Guide to the South Forty Façade
Version 1.0.1. Collected wisdom, by Adam Costello with Diana Laulainen-Schein.


Ironically, I currently have electronic copies of only the earliest scripts. Check the paper archives for the other scripts.

Note that scripts as written can differ substantially from the show as performed. Compare them to the videos.

Nights of the Round Table
From 1988. By Diana Laulainen, Missy Hill, Nichol Trump, Fred Zelley and Carolyn Schierholz. Music by Yael Kats.

From 1989. By Diana Laulainen and Missy Hill.

Shakespearean Follies
From 1990. By Diana Laulainen and Jodi Werner.

Star Wars: The Next Generation
Never performed. By Diana Laulainen with Mike Winter and Nichol Trump.

Superceded Reference Material

Material from the following old documents that is still relevant has been included in the Guide above.

Journal of an Assistant Director
Diana Laulainen's journal from the first Façade, Movin' Out (1987).

Early History of the S-40 Façade
A brief look back at the first two Façades, by Diana Laulainen.

Job Descriptions
An early description of the jobs associated with Façade, by Diana Laulainen.

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