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2005-Sep-21-Wed 07:03:24 GMT AMC: Fonts
2005-Mar-12-Sat 10:12:56 GMT AMC Puzzles: Golden Rope Solution
2005-Mar-12-Sat 10:07:44 GMT AMC Puzzles: Golden Rope Hint
2004-Mar-05-Fri 05:13:44 GMT AMC: New email address
2004-Jan-16-Fri 01:14:25 GMT Tangle experimental results
2004-Jan-06-Tue 20:13:38 GMT Kong: The network delay ape
2003-Oct-23-Thu 05:21:56 GMT Market Meddling
2003-Aug-02-Sat 23:35:14 GMT AMC: Master's Thesis
2003-Jul-31-Thu 03:46:58 GMT AMC: Projects
2003-Jun-20-Fri 18:28:31 GMT UCB EECS 122 lecture schedule (fall 1999)
2003-May-15-Thu 23:52:37 GMT An Example of HTML-Abuse
2003-May-16-Fri 00:33:16 GMT BSD Daemon Copyright Notice
2002-Oct-25-Fri 01:52:46 GMT AMC: Character encodings
2002-Aug-15-Thu 05:35:08 GMT AMC: Puzzles
2002-Aug-15-Thu 05:34:49 GMT AMC: Portable Network Graphics
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2002-Aug-15-Thu 05:16:54 GMT AMC: Noteworthy Songs
2002-Aug-15-Thu 05:16:42 GMT AMC: Favorite Songs and Videos
2002-Jul-29-Mon 01:52:41 GMT Web Source Tree
2002-Apr-18-Thu 20:54:44 GMT Long Live New York City: About the Image
2002-Apr-18-Thu 19:43:38 GMT Long Live New York City
2001-Sep-26-Wed 00:13:38 GMT HTML-Abuse, the Next Logical Step
2001-Aug-29-Wed 00:25:27 GMT UCB EECS 122: Introduction to Communication Networks (fall 1999)
2001-Aug-29-Wed 00:22:43 GMT X-Advice Header Field Proposal
2001-Jan-30-Tue 23:28:45 GMT The "No" Sign
2001-Jan-30-Tue 23:24:43 GMT URLs That Name Directories
2000-Nov-10-Fri 22:22:16 GMT Derivation of
2000-Nov-08-Wed 01:29:08 GMT Quotation usage in message replies
2000-Nov-08-Wed 01:28:41 GMT Proposed Surname Convention
2000-Nov-08-Wed 01:28:32 GMT What is a “home page”?
2000-Nov-08-Wed 01:25:18 GMT AMC Puzzles: Light Bulb Hint
2000-Nov-08-Wed 01:25:00 GMT AMC Puzzles: Light Bulb Solution
2000-Nov-08-Wed 01:24:46 GMT AMC Puzzles: Fuse Hint
2000-Nov-08-Wed 01:24:32 GMT AMC Puzzles: Toy Soldier Hint
2000-Nov-08-Wed 01:23:58 GMT AMC Puzzles: Toy Soldier Solution
1999-Dec-21-Tue 20:15:07 GMT UCB EECS 122 project assignment (fall 1999)
1999-Nov-10-Wed 01:15:13 GMT UCB CS: OS Prelim: Spring 1997
1999-Nov-07-Sun 23:59:16 GMT Contractor
1999-Nov-07-Sun 23:44:22 GMT Window Washing
1999-Nov-07-Sun 23:29:01 GMT AMC: Quals Proposal
1999-Nov-08-Mon 02:22:02 GMT Search Party Reliable Multicast
1999-Nov-08-Mon 00:02:57 GMT Counter Flushing in FDDI
1999-Sep-17-Fri 20:01:56 GMT UCB EECS 122: Internet model
1998-Nov-16-Mon 21:34:34 GMT Online Backup and Restore
1998-Oct-17-Sat 03:54:54 GMT New Callout and Timer Facilities for NetBSD
1998-Oct-17-Sat 03:45:57 GMT Agent Interface
1998-Sep-07-Mon 23:36:00 GMT Turning PostScript into Useful Text
1998-Sep-07-Mon 03:04:22 GMT Window Washer Copyright Notice
1998-Sep-08-Tue 00:14:44 GMT South Forty Façade Documents
1998-Jun-27-Sat 05:06:52 GMT LoseNIM - lose the game of NIM
1998-May-21-Thu 23:05:27 GMT Summary: An Introduction to Programming with Threads
1998-May-21-Thu 22:23:29 GMT A Market for Trading CPU Cycles
1998-May-21-Thu 22:23:01 GMT Human Language Popularity
1998-May-21-Thu 22:22:39 GMT Summary: CPU Reservations and Time Constraints
1998-Mar-23-Mon 19:02:18 GMT Summary: An Error Control Scheme for Large-Scale Multicast Applications
1997-Dec-11-Thu 23:06:30 GMT Request/Response Layer
1997-Sep-26-Fri 08:25:27 GMT Summary: The Interaction of Architecture and Operating System Design
1997-Sep-26-Fri 08:16:25 GMT Summary: Kerberos: An Authentication Service for Open Network Systems
1997-Sep-26-Fri 08:12:59 GMT Summary: Transparent Process Migration: Design Alternatives and the Sprite Implementation
1997-Feb-04-Tue 20:02:22 GMT Summary: The Emperor's Old Clothes

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